Aha Moments from the Community

I was stuck at the doctor’s office.

Just sitting in the same chair. I had my phone, so I could jot down notes or read a few articles, but for some reason I was feeling anxious. I didn’t feel like waiting.

That’s when I put down my phone and just listed all the interesting things around me.

  • The fish tank was cool because it had a solid black fish.
  • The magazine rack had a wide selection, from Home and Garden to Psychology Today.
  • My seat had really old style 1970’s fabric which was cool because it made me think of my childhood.
  • The walls had an interesting glow to them like they were radiated.
  • I enjoyed the door handle shape because too often they are boring and utilitarian. This handle had a sloping curve

The list went on and my mood turned around.

Then just two days later I read this post in the Mindset First Club on Facebook. It helped put everything in perspective for me.

In case you have trouble reading the image here is the text.

“I am reminded today that gratitude is really very simple like my dog’s wagging tail when I feed her or give her a belly rub. Simple like my cat purring when I stop to pet her or the loving gaze I receive when I allow a prolonged visit on my lap. Simple like Liam cuddling up next to me and laying his little head against my shoulder when I take time to sit with him. Being grateful does not always come from the big moments in life, but from recognizing the simple moments that come our way every day :)❤️I hope you, too, will be blessed with many of these simple moments today!” from Cel Har

What I enjoyed about this post in the Mindset First Club is how gratitude has helped her come back to the simple things that too often we ignore. It’s the simple everyday things that add up so quickly to make us happy. It’s not the big wins (promotion, new car, new relationship, etc.) that help us build the consistent gratitude habit. They are important, but when we can enjoy the small things like a dog’s wagging tail and a cat purring, only then can we build the mindset that will endure.

If you are interested in becoming more resilient and getting support from a caring community. Then check out the next Bring Gratitude Challenge starting very soon.